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In the early

The history of the electric car than we are now the most common type of internal combustion engine driven car sooner. Dc motor, the father of Hungary's inventor, engineer, New York, "Derek Jedlik Anyos experiment in the lab as early as 1828 the action of electromagnetic rotation device. Americans, Thomas Davenport, Thomas Davenport in 1834 to create the first dc motor drive electric vehicle. In 1837, Thomas and motor industry first patent in the United States. Between 1832 to 1838, the Scot Robert Anderson, Robert Anderson, who invented the electric cart, this is a used cannot charge of primary battery driven vehicles. 1838 Scots Robert Davidson Robert Davidson invented the electric train. Driving on the road today still tram is a patent in the UK in 1840.

The history of the battery electric vehicle. The world's first electric car was born in 1881, invented artificial French engineer gustave luffy, this is a lead-acid battery powered tricycle; In 1873, by the British Robert Davidson invented with a battery powered electric cars, is not included in the confirmation of the international scope. Then the lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion battery, fuel cell as a power.

Mid -

Stage 1860-1920: with the development of battery technology, the use of electric vehicles in the latter half of the 19th century in Europe and the United States has been more widely used. In 1859, the great French physicist and inventor, washed, Plante, the rechargeable lead-acid batteries.The end of the 19th century to 1920, in the early days of the auto electric cars on the market has more advantages than the internal combustion engine driven vehicles, no smell, no vibration, no noise, no shift and the price is low, the formed by steam, electric and gas engine is three cent world car market.stagnation

1920-1990 phase: as the development of the Texas oil and improve the internal combustion engine technology, electric cars gradually lost their edge after 1920. Auto market gradually replaced to drive the internal combustion engine car. Only in a few cities are retains the streetcar and trolley buses and limited storage battery (use of lead-acid battery, is used in the golf course, forklift, etc).The development of the electric car stalled for more than half a century from now on. With the rolling oil resources flow to the market, people almost forget the existence of electric vehicles. Relative applied in electric vehicle technology: electric drive, batteries, power battery, battery management and so on also unable to develop or use.


1990: so far, the dwindling oil resources, and environmental pollution is serious, let people to refocus on electric cars. Before 1990, advocate using electric vehicles mainly based on the folk. In 1969, for example, to establish civil academic organizations: the World Association of Electric vehicles (World Electric Vehicle Association). The world association of Electric vehicles every one and a half years in different countries and regions of the world Electric Vehicle Symposium professional Electric car academic conference and exhibition and Exposition (EVS). In the 1990 s all the major car manufacturers began to focus on the future development of electric vehicles and began work on funding and technology in the field of electric vehicles. In January 1990 Los Angeles auto show, gm's President to the global Impact of pure electric cars. Ford in 1992 using the calcium sulfur battery Ecostar, Toyota use nimh batteries RAV4LEV 1996, 1996, the French Renault Clio, 1997 Toyota Prius hybrid sedan rolled off the production line, nissan 1997, the world's first electric car will have to use lithium ion battery Prairie Joy EV, Honda published in 1999, sales of hybrid Insight.

The domestic progress

Electric vehicles as a sunrise industry, the green development in China for ten years. In terms of electric bicycles, at the end of 2010, China has reached 120 million electric bikes, and is growing at 30% a year.

From the perspective of energy consumption, electric bicycle only one 8 of one 8 of the motorcycle, car.

Look from the occupied space, a electric bike occupies space only one over twenty of private cars in general.

Look from the development trend, market outlook remains bullish on electric bicycle industry.

Electric bicycle has advantage on the function of its cheap, convenience, environmental protection, favor low-income groups in the city. China's electric bicycle from the developed to the market in the mid - 1990 - s small batch, since 2012 the production and sales, has been increased significantly year by year. Due to high demand, electric bicycle market in recent years, China has maintained rapid growth.

, according to data from the 1998 national output was only about 54000, 2002, 1.58 million, in 2003 China's electric bicycle production reached more than 400, ranked first, the average annual growth rate of more than 120% in 1998-2004. 2009 annual output reached 23.69 million units, up 8.2% from a year earlier. Compared with 1998 increased by 437 times, the development speed is quite amazing. The statistical year electric bicycle yield average annual growth rate of around 174%.

According to industry estimates, by 2012, the electric bicycle market scale will reach 100 billion yuan, and the market potential of electric vehicle battery alone more than 50 billion yuan. On March 18, 2011, four ministries jointly issued the notice on strengthening the management of the electric bicycle, but in the end, a "paper". Means that the electric car industry in the long run is a good environment is facing the huge market pressure to survive, the policy limit will be many enterprise survival pending a sword; The weak and the external environment, the international economic environment, restore fatigue, also makes the export of electric dividend will be discounted.

In respect of electric vehicles, "energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry development planning" has been submitted to the state council, "the plan" was promoted to national strategic height, to decorate new car industry bureau. As designated by the state one of the seven strategic emerging industries, new energy vehicles in the next 10 years planning investment will reach 100 billion yuan, sales scale lock in the world.

By 2020, the new energy vehicles to realize industrialization, energy saving and new energy vehicles and key components technology reached the international advanced level, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market has 5 million cars. Analysis forecast, from 2012 to 2015, the Chinese market electric vehicle sales growth rate will reach 40%, most of them from pure electric vehicle sales, in 2015, China will become Asia's largest electric car market.



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