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Four national standards for electric bicycle is the most main: there must be a foot can realize human cycling; The highest design speed is not more than 20 km/h; The mass is not more than 40 kg; Motor output power is not more than 240 w.

The national standard "electric bicycle general technical conditions" (GB17761-1999)

Electric bicycle (electricbicycle)

With battery as the auxiliary energy, has two wheels, can realize human riding, electric or electric power-assist function of special bike.

Technical requirements:

1. The top speed: should be not more than 20 km/h; (article 58 of the RDB, electric cars at a top speed of not more than 15 km)

2. The vehicle quality: no more than 40 kg (including battery);

3. The foot driving ability: must have a good function of pedal cycling, 30 min pedal distance should be not less than 7 km;

4. Line continuation mileage: after a charge line continuation of mileage should not be less than 25 km;

5. The maximum cycling noise: when the top speed for electric bike at A constant speed (electric power-assist to 15 km/h ~ 18 km/h speed electric power-assist ride) the noise should be no greater than 62 db (A); 100 km of power consumption should be not more than 1.2 kW · h;

6. Hundreds of kilometers of power consumption: by electric bike (electric power electric power-assist cycling), 100 km of power consumption should be no greater than 1.2 KWH

7. The motor power: rated continuous output power should be no greater than 240 w.

8. Braking performance: at the highest speed electric bike in the (electric power-assist at speed of 20 km/h electric power-assist cycling), dry state braking distance should be not more than 4 m, wet braking distance should be not more than 15 m.

According to the national standard to design a top speed of 1999, freight regulations in quality, appearance size electric bicycle belongs to a non-motor vehicle management category, should have a combination of the following five characteristics: must have foot traffic function, storage battery only as auxiliary energy; Must have two wheels; Design speed is not more than 20 km/hour; The vehicle weight is not more than 40 kg; The tire width (tire) not more than 54 mm.

Electric bicycle model with TD (special bicycle types of electric bicycle class) the champions league. Although it with ordinary bicycle appearance characteristics (even with motorcycle appearance characteristics), but the main is that it is on the basis of ordinary bicycles, installation of the motor, controller, battery, and turn the brake the control parts and display instrument system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport.



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