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For new atv, users need most is how to determine its technical state are in good condition? What is its identification standard? For the convenience of the masses of users to identify and judge correctly in beach car when the choose and buy, and now, a brief introduction for your reference.

1, the starting performance. New atv in filling gasoline and oil lubrication (two-stroke car, separation type) and the various starting preparations were made, starting method correctly, a good performance of beach car should be able to in - 10 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃ ambient temperature starting operation, and the starting time is not more than 15 seconds. Otherwise, the starting performance is bad.

2, operation performance. After the engine starting, preheating first 3 ~ 5 minutes, (the specific visual local environment temperature preheating time: general winter slightly longer, summer is a bit shorter). The engine at idle speed running should be smooth, its speed may not be high and low, and the voice is soft, no obvious noise, it indicates that the working condition of the engine idle speed is normal. At this time should listen to the crankcase (i.e., gear box) and parts of the meshing noise should be mild, no noise, accurate and reliable power transfer. Operation should be smooth, no abnormal noise, its dynamic performance, the performance good, normal fuel burning, engine without overheating phenomenon. After parking, touch right crankcase cover should not be too hot. A thermometer to measure the oil temperature should be below 85 ℃. After the restart, engine idle running should be smooth, only allowed to have the monotonous sound of mixture combustion broke out. Come on after loosening the throttle door handle, engine may stall.

3, acceleration performance. Under the condition of the vehicle in good condition, beach car on a flat road for the start acceleration and beyond, through the 200 miles/hour should be 13 seconds or less), to explain the acceleration of atv good performance. If the crankshaft speed increased pause or slower growth, show that the engine acceleration performance is poor. Also may carry on the road test on beach car, when suddenly come on the door, the speed of the car can soar, the driver sat in the car have obvious back feeling, can show that the engine acceleration performance is superior, the engine power is normal. If a step on the gas, the speed can only improve slowly, even in hundreds of meters can significantly improve, can judge the engine acceleration performance is poorer.

4, beach car braking performance. Atv is sports products, and its safety performance is beach car driving performance in the first place, riders should be treated with caution. Can undertake real vehicle test vehicles when the choose and buy, confirm. First choice of longitudinal and transverse slope dry flat or cement pavement of asphalt pavement, portable atv (that is, the engine's emissions 50 cc) or less, about 20 km per hour speed, atv (that is, the engine's emissions 50 cc or higher) at the speed of 30 km per hour, after being beach car speed basically stable, use before and after the brake at the same time, make the beach car stops running. The braking distance, should be not more than 4 m portable beach car, beach car no more than 7 meters, and the vehicle tire on the road has obvious printing phenomenon, shows its good braking performance of the vehicle. It must be noted that, in the detection of beach car braking performance, still need to check the beach car front and rear wheels respectively the straightness (that is, the front and rear wheels should be on a straight line). Can make the beach front, rear wheel on the ground, in the case of straighten the vehicle and the other people on the beach in front of the car about 3 meters, visual inspection of the vehicle front and rear wheels whether there is any deviation phenomenon, the safest method is validated by the brake test. Beach car brake according to the above test the speed of the brake moment, if the vehicle rear brake work has obvious shaking, can determine the beach car front and rear wheel are offset. Due to the straightness of the vehicle front and rear wheels to the beach car driving safety performance, when the choose and buy must not neglect.

5. Atv damping effect. Atv to alleviate and attenuation in the process of driving, due to the uneven road impact and vibration, ensure vehicle ride comfort and comfort, to improve the service life of atv and manipulation stability, beach car shock absorber devices are set. Driver can ride a sitting on the beach when the choose and buy the car, deliberately choose uneven road surface. If feel the intense sense of shock, that the beach car shock absorption performance is poor; Such as a driver feel mild ups and downs, only no obvious sense of shock, explain the atv damping effect is good.

Beach car when the choose and buy, should also pay attention to check whether the vehicle's operating mechanism is flexible, car audio and video equipment are in good condition, the electric switch is the control of sensitive, circuit and the oil is obstructed, etc. Check the vehicle the appearance, mainly to see if the paint a bright, uniform, chrome surface had spots and other defects, all fasteners is rigid and beach car, etc.



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