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The generation of Harley

Harley legendary development always been associated with specific historical environment. The independence day in 1905, a driver riding a Harley won a car race, Chicago. Since then, the sales of harley-davidson rise gradually, the scale of production gradually expand, has a stable sales channels, also have their own distribution, at the same time to start producing motorcycles. Soon after, the first world war had begun. Harley seized the moment to battle for market, produces about 20000 military bikes, obtained the substantial profits. In 1918, the second day of the first world war armistice agreement was signed, the allied corporal Roy, holtz is riding a Harley, first enter the German territory. The second world war, Harley express once again boarded the weapons industry, began to leap type development. By the end of world war ii, Harley produced 90000 type WLA military bikes. Harley and American, has become a part of these soldiers lingering in my life. When they returned to the motherland, to see the familiar Harley, inner emotion is not difficult to imagine. Harley hopes their patriotic passion deep inside your heart, they also become the most loyal supporters of Harley.

From the beginning of creation, Harley has been committed to the mechanical, appearance and so on various aspects to improve, innovation, constantly improve the quality of the Harley, and by developing a variety of services, improve the added value of the brand.

The performance of the Harley

Since the start-up stage, Harley Davidson is tend to develop its powerful engine, but not in favor of radical change. Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead and Evolution engine has a traditional brand motorcycle company, they are deeply engraved in the heart of motorbike enthusiasts. Double Cam (Twin Cam) 88 and double Cam (Twin Cam) 88 b engine is occupies a place in the company's reputation; And beautiful V - Rod motorcycle powerful Revolution ® engine is leading a Harley Davidson motorcycle on the journey of never experienced. Harley Davidson motorcycle product lines including: used ®, Dyna ®, Softail and Touring. Each series includes many types. Therefore, from the legendary 883 cc type used campaigner, equipped with latest 1690 cc engine Touring the classic large travel vehicles, Harley Davidson motorcycle is able to provide every rider a suitable for his car.

Harley Davidson motorcycle production not only, still produce more than 6000 kinds of parts and accessories. In addition, the Harley Davidson also has a series of motorcycle accessories and diversified products. "MotorClothes Harley ® dress" including clothing, shoes, accessories, cycling equipment, and personal items, household goods, toys, collectibles all sorts of small souvenirs or merchandise.



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