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Our country launched a campaign to motor boats in July 1956, in wuhan in 1958, held the first national contest, in 1981 formally joined the international motor boats. China launched a campaign to motor boats in July 1956, the same year teams took part in the auspicious day in Poland, the imperial line 1 international nautical sports competition, get the cylinder working volume 350 ml 164 km race groups 1, cylinder volume 350 ml of 10 km ring group 4. In Bulgaria in 1957 at the second session of the international sailing sports contest, the Chinese team has won 1 gold medal, silver medal 3 three, a bronze medal. In August 1958 in wuhan city held the first session of the national motor boat competition. 1959, 1963, 1964, 1963, 1963, 1980, has held the national motor boat competition and performing activities, enriched the cultural life, promoting the movement technical level enhances unceasingly.

Motorboat form for closed loop racing venues, main technical key: set sail, acceleration, around and beyond, and sprint, etc. Game motor roar, splash, climax, breathless.

Our country is the International motor boats Union (Union International Molonautique referred to as "International on Sunday UIM) official members. International on Sunday, there are safety committee, technical committee, the committee of offshore sailing, entertainment committee, sports committee, equation and formula one committees, such as jet skis commission and the arbitration commission.

International on Sunday at all levels the world championship is held every year, intercontinental championship and international grand prix, etc.

Since the early 80 s in China each year are sent teams to participate in world championships, three-time runner-up in the world. Held in Finland in 2002, China's jiangxi contestant Peng Linwu motorboat O - 125 world championships won the world champion, has realized the motorboat world championship gold medal zero breakthrough in our country.

Association in 1995, 1996 and 1997 also has successfully held three times the formula 1 (F1 motorboat world championship, the audience of one million people.



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