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Dynamic BOARD commonly known as the SNAKE BOARD (SNAKE BOARD), is kind of to be bestowed favor on newly, "vigor BOARD" is a new kind of skateboards, it is different from ordinary four-wheel skateboard, it has only two wheels, also known as the "two wheels skateboard" or "second round skateboarding". Because of its movement like dragons and snakes wriggle, so much domestic called "dragon plate" or "snake board". It according to the theory of human movement and ingenious mechanics principle, the main use of the body (the waist and hips), the feet twitched and the motion of the hand to drive energy plate. Gets the play of incisively and vividly that skateboarding, often use energy board (two rounds of skateboarding) can rise to improve your body flexibility, balance and fit the role of the health and beauty.

Method 1

First one foot on board at the front, the other foot [ground, slide forward. Then, the other foot in the rear of the skateboard. On the waist and two large swing in the legs, make the skateboard direction S words.

Method 2

Pedal board front and at the same time, and then instantly lean forward, with the help of inertial movement, previously. Then, on the waist and two large swing in the legs, and feet of cadence, makes the slide direction in ess. - dynamic plate concrete materials

Safety common sense

Before sliding wear suitable protective devices is necessary. Such as: helmets, knee, hand and wrist pads, etc.

Preparation activities

Slide preparation before the knees, ankles and the right amount of twisting the waist movements, such as sufficient to relax the body.

Standing practice

That helps wall or depend on others to help when it comes to stand, to practice how to hold good balance.

Practice basic upper plate movement

Foot pedal before vigor board, before we lift nudge step forward. Then, hind feet to keep up with on the pedal.

Taxi straight ahead basic exercises

According to their own grasp the extent of the ability to focus, can be divided into swing feet straight line, hind swinging taxi straight ahead. Swinging your feet taxi straight ahead: standing on the board to relax the body, a balance of center of gravity. Back and forth two feet, swinging motion must have the rhythm, like a small fish in the water swing tail consistent swing feet, knees swinging movements remain consistent. Hind feet swinging taxi straight ahead: relax the body, in the condition of balance of center of gravity of swinging back foot, moderate down when the pedal is hind feet back and forth, back and forth movement keep consistent.

Arc glide basic exercises

Slide on the maintain a certain speed sliding condition change direction. Taxi in moderate before press the pedal, an arc shape can make taxi routes, can also use the body tilt to pedal to control before and after the press at the same time, also is called the turn. According to his master degree of center of gravity to control arc glide, control the sliding speed, and gradually improve their ability of control.

180 ° arc rotary practice

In the process of maintain a certain speed sliding in 180 ° slewing. As far as possible according to their own control to try first, if there's not a good focus of control is easy to fall. Rotary can down at the same time before and after the pedal, pedal before and after the opposite direction down the strength can control the size of the rotating arc. Note in the slide controls the size of the speed and arc glide to turn, should not be too fast in the taxi and radian is too small. Double rotary both before and after (skilled)

Slide s-shaped basic exercises

S sliding forward swing is like a snake body, glide trajectory into S shape. S-shaped slide is to pedal to taxi before and after back and forth at the same time. Before and after the oscillation process should be the opposite direction of the pedal, swing should be modest when press the pedal. Slide your feet with the body to swing through the waist twist, action is consistent. For example: can slide on the surface decoration is a row of obstructions to bypass. To master the ability to gradually narrow the distance between the obstacles or increase the speed of the obstacles to further improve their s-shaped coasting ability.

360 ° rotation practice

In the taxi to form pedals rotate 360 degrees. Using the upper body rotation drive waist form twist feet, thus promote the pedal as spinning force. Upper body rotates to maintain a balance with open arms, action will be more beautiful. Can rotate in the uniform sliding, such easy to add impetus to rotate, but sliding velocity shoulds not be too fast. Skilled after the above actions can study in situ rotate 360 degrees.

Practice of eight rotary sliding

Glide path to form a figure eight shapes. Rotary in eight shape when sliding, can start the decoration two obstacles to practice. Of course this only can be in situ under a force between rotary. Pay attention to the flexibility of ankle and coordination of the whole body.



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