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What kind of helmet?(Hits:) 
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1. The helmet, the lighter the better

Relatively, the helmet is the lighter the better. But the lighter cycling helmet, it tests by the national security certification test standard of opportunities will become small, relative to the price will be higher. So choosing a helmet is the premise of need to pass the test of national security certification standards, most of the 200 yuan of above helmet can do around 260 g, this weight even long, won't make you feel tired, don't be too concerned about the weight of the helmet so indicators. Unless you are to do cycling. Want to reduce weight as far as possible, otherwise, is not worth the extra money to buy super light weight of the helmet.

2. The bigger the hole of a helmet or more drafty

Permeability is the key to the helmet, can ensure that your head is dry when the long ride. Helmet vent or is larger, the more the airflow around in your head was greater, the more you feel cool. But, please remember that the more vent or helmet, the greater the is, the more you head exposed, so the corresponding protection will be reduced. Road bicycle helmet compared with mountain bike helmet, there will be more or greater vent. Compared in the same way, mountain bike, road cyclist must take into consideration the fact that the weight of the helmet. Generally speaking, the helmet the lighter weight, the more expensive. Therefore, unless you are for cycling, want to reduce weight as far as possible, otherwise, is not worth the extra money to buy super light weight bicycle helmet.

3. Small buckle and the belt is related to life, plug buckle and the belt cannot absorb a certain amount of force, will break.

You may only know to do some cycling helmet crash tests, however, insert buckle and the belt also should make the corresponding tensile test, if not through the corresponding tensile test, will not be able to use on the helmet. So, a qualified cycling helmet, small plug buckle and the belt must be through the corresponding test, in order to be a person in the true sense of national security certification test standard helmet.

4. The helmet crack or extended use

If the crack, don't use, wearing only comfort in his heart, not too big of substance use, if small knock small touch doesn't matter, but once I crashed, strength, will not be able to protect. Don't look down upon a crack, it has changed the stress of the helmet on the physical structure and component of the effect. Know the cause of a bridge collapse in Seoul in the 90 s? Later concluded that may be because the point of welding without welding firmly on one side of the bridge, the cracks. In the simple principle, you forcibly from both ends of a brand new A4 paper, must be prepared to point may be to break, but once in the middle of the paper to tear apart a little cut, it is easy to ripped paper is broken.

No matter whether fall or collision, rider should be replaced once every three years the cycling helmet. Because, despite the helmet without collision, but the sun exposure and sweat erosion also can make some helmets and accessories aging, thereby weakening safety coefficient, damage the helmet protection performance.

5. Wear a helmet is not lace-up

Loose the helmet jaw belt may feel more comfortable, but if the head is collision, it will easily play fly out, nature has no protection. So, in order to play a role of protection of the helmet, at any time, please wear a helmet jaw belt.

6. Wear too wide or narrow helmet

If the helmet size is not correct, it can't protect you hit on the head, buy don't make a mistake of not appropriate to the size of the helmet. To determine the size of the helmet correctly, can be around the head first, most of the components (usually 1 cm above the eyebrows), and then to buy helmet according to the measured value. Because the helmet often points such as small, medium and big yards, you can only buy relatively appropriate size, and then use the size regulator rotate button to adjust in order to achieve the most suitable size. After wearing helmets, helmet from one side to the other, from front to back, feeling is comfortable wearing, if it is too loose or too tight, you need to continue to adjust or change.

7. Use inferior helmet The helmet is don't need certification in ChinaHelmet manufacturing has a strict technical standard, inferior helmets are often short of the crash safety standards, can cause dangerous.

Possible if you have a lot of don't know, how do I know if I buy a helmet is safe, in fact, simply from the helmet is with CE mark is cannot determine whether helmet safety, also must have a corresponding test reports and certificates. CE mark certification is for specific product certification, focus on the security features of the product. It is reflect product of public security, health, environment and personal security requirement of the conformity certification.So in China, there is no need for certification cycling helmet? The answer is no. In 2009 our country has not the safety of the riding helmet before a complete standard, was across speed helmet co., ltd. and other enterprises jointly drafted by the sports helmets, bicycles, skateboards, roller skating sport helmet safety requirements and test methods "was formally implemented in 2010, after then appeared different versions of the national standard.

But in China, mostly in accordance with the CE EN1078 standard production of helmet, because most of helmet production enterprises in China, or export more so in the Chinese market to buy helmets are CE EN1078 basic standards. Some stick the CE mark, but didn't really sent to TUV, SGS for authentication, each a product, different size should have corresponding test reports and certificates, consumers must pay special attention to. There is no safe authentication helmet is dangerous.

So, in the Chinese market circulation helmet doesn't matter with CE mark, but also has the corresponding test report and certification, is what a truly qualified on the helmet.

8. Wearing the wrong location

Most effective wear helmet position need to keep the helmet and head level, helmet edge should be controlled 1 centimeter above the eyebrows. If it is not in the position to check whether the size of the helmet is suitable, and then adjust the adjuster knob and jaw belt, ensure the helmet in the correct position.

9. With loose

Loose with the helmet could beat mobile at any time, in the head by the collision and secondary collision that protection effect. So need to adjust the belt length for the distance between the belt and chin, adjust as a means for the space, can maximize the effective safety helmet protection performance.

After 10. Cycling helmet use put casually

Cycling helmet after each use, put away, please placed in a cool ventilated place, avoid high temperature, or long sunlight.



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